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Part I Historical and Theoretical Perspectives:

  • Chapter 1 The Cultural and Musical Antecedents of Jazz in Britain     available to download as pdf

  • Chapter 2 The Evolving Image of Jazz in Britain in Sheet Music

  • Chapter 3 The 'Jazz Age' in Britain

Part II The Evolving Presence of Jazz in Britain:

  • Chapter 4 In Dahomey: A Negro Musical Comedy

  • Chapter 5 The Music and Symbolism of the Banjo

  • Chapter 6 The Original Dixieland Jazz Band and the Southern Syncopated Orchestra

  • Chapter 7 Dance music, the 'Plantation Revues' and the 'Underworld of London'

  • Chapter 8 Hot Jazz: Jack Hylton, Bert Firman and Fred Elizalde

  • Chapter 9 Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington